Getting new students is an expensive proposition for most colleges—not keeping the students we admit is a costly mistake we simply cannot afford to make. It is often said that student retention is everyone’s job, but unless someone is made accountable for student retention, it is likely nobody will be paying attention to the details that keep students engaged and connected to our institutions. With an eye toward ease of delivery, College Matters helps your institution examine all the aspects of your operation that support and encourage student retention from the first admissions contact through graduation. If you need a viable plan for ensuring the highest possible retention of currently enrolled students contact us to request more information about Student Retention.

Quality care based on staff and faculty interactions with students is at the heart of student retention. A site visit aimed at identifying areas for improving how your institution engages students is a first step to building loyalty and satisfaction among your students (and your staff). Let us guide you through a process that will reveal where service transactions could be improved both from an institutional effectiveness and efficiency standpoint and from the vantage point of your students.