Keeping students engaged from the moment they become leads will ultimately increase graduation rates. How do you keep graduation in the front of your students’ minds to provide the most influence in student retention?

How you’ll find your leads is an important part of any college’s marketing and advertising plan, and usually as important is the way you keep track of your leads and your understanding of how effectively you are converting those leads. Understanding your current population is a critical step in knowing how to generate solid leads for your college.

College Matters provides resources to help you establish the metrics needed to study and evaluate you lead sources and facilitates the process to determine where and how to acquire the best leads for your institution.

College Matters provides industry specific sales training for admissions representatives including call management, interview skills, and getting the enrollment commitment. This is done in the context of a comprehensive sales program that is a consistent process applied from leads to starts. Ongoing executive coaching for your admissions director will ensure admissions staff meet their enrollment goals.