Setting clear expectations for all employees is a critical piece of HR Management. Once those expectations are set, employees can set goals and be held accountable for achieving those goals. Knowing how to have the conversations for accountability is one of the biggest challenges faced by most employers. The performance coaching model allows those in supervisory roles to coach employees for improved performance using a four step process: Identify gaps, get agreement, explore alternatives, and follow up.

This is one of the few areas in our work where we are quite directive. The performance coaching model is taught to all campus supervisors to create a culture of accountability and a language for holding others accountable. College Matters delivers this training in 3 three-hour modules. The first introduces the concepts. Session two reinforces the concepts and gives supervisors the opportunity to practice preparing for and delivering coaching meetings. The final session is the place where each employee gets the opportunity to work out concerns and problems the have experienced using the performance coaching model.