The self-study process is at the very heart of the accreditation process. It is important that as many campus constituencies as possible be involved in the process AND that the resulting report is a clear and accurate representation of the institution in the context of the accrediting organization’s standards for accreditation. The self-study is one place where an objective reviewer can be most helpful to the institution. Let’s face it, we know what we know, and we see things the way they have always been. An experienced observer can point out strengths and weaknesses and provide a objective assessment of the institution’s readiness for the accreditation visit.

College Matters can facilitate your campus self-study process or simply serve as an experienced reader or editor of the final report, providing feedback to the institution about how accreditation review teams and/or commissioners are likely to interpret the school’s report.

How We Help
College Matters founder, Marylin Newell, is experienced in the preparation of accreditation applications; renewals, new school or program additions, and other substantive changes. Working in close collaboration with faculty and staff, she will help your institution prepare effective accreditation correspondence, responses, and self-study reports. By analyzing your institution’s current processes, Marylin will make recommendations for improving institutional effectiveness and compliance with accreditation standards and review all documentation to ensure it demonstrates the institution’s current practices as compared to accreditation criteria. College Matters also provides mock site visits to help staff and faculty understand the nature of a site visit and to help them interact more effectively with visiting team members.

Recent Projects
Some of the recent projects completed by College Matters include:

Assisting a University client in preparing SACS Monitoring Report which achieved successful reinstatement.

In collaboration with institutional personnel, preparing OBOR Authorization Initial Response and Spring Report for four Ohio locations gaining OBOR approval.

Coordinating the ACICS self-study process for a Career College earning 5-year reaccreditation approval.

Assessing institutional readiness for transition to bachelor degrees.

Compiling a self-study report for substantive change to online delivery.

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