Creating an image that accurately reflects your institution helps to establish student expectations.  Before you begin to market your institution, it is important to do the work to identify who you are and what your niche market is and to accurately brand your institution for that market.  Managing your brand requires a strong advertising campaign.  We partner with experts in developing a solid message about your institution with the right mix and delivering it to the appropriate media to extend your reach, frequency and results.  Generate more leads that convert to students who graduate with a strategic marketing plan.

Not every potential student who inquires about your college will actually apply, and a smaller percentage of those who apply will actually enroll and attend.  If you are managing your leads well, you should be increasing the number of enrollments that actually start classes.  If not, you will need to conduct a comprehensive review of your enrollment process to answer the question, “What happens to disengaged leads before they apply; applicants before they enroll; or enrolled students before they actually start classes?”  If you know what expectations you are setting for students during the early stages of their connection with your college, you will be able to measure how well you are meeting those expectations—and meeting the students’ expectations is key.  For a brief report on how the expectations we set in our enrollment process needs to mirror the students’s experience, email

collegematters provides a comprehensive analysis of your current and past advertising practices and will work with your campus team to develop a cost-effective, brand-appropriate advertising campaign targeted to your “likelihood to enroll” market.

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