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Accreditation as Narrative

ACCREDITATION:  The first time you experience the accreditation process, it seems almost mystical.  The institution goes through an extensive period of self-examination, an accreditation review team visits the school, and the accrediting organization either approves or denies the college accredited status based on the results of those activities.  In the following article, higher education consultant, Marylin Newell explores the narrative process that undergirds the accreditation process.


Everything seems to hang in the balance when a college is going through the accreditation process.  Whether it is seeking initial accreditation or renewing its award through a five or ten year accreditation review, accreditation revolves around the self-study which is both process and narrative.  Consider that the narrative report that represent’s the school’s self-study process may be the more instrumental of the two components when it comes to convincing an accrediting commission of the institution’s ability to meet the standards established for approving accreditation. Continue reading